granular organomineral fertilizers

Different granular organomineral fertilizers made from same digestate, with different NPK values

Digestate from biogas plants will be transformed into dry granular fertilizers, using an innovative process that combines the mixing of digestate with mineral fertilizers, and the granulation of the mixture in a Spouted Bed dryer. The new plant will produce, near Vitoria (Basque Country, Spain) different commercial organomineral fertilizers based on digestate, that will be tested agronomically and commercially. Different viability studies and business models will be conducted, in order to combine the agrobiogas production with the production of those fertilizers, creating as many synergies as possible and a sustainable fertilizer production model.

Management of digestate is an important issue for every agrobiogas project, but rarely creates economic value for the biogas plant manager, and sometimes is a serious limiting fact. This plant will be the first of its kind in Europe and will create high added value products from digestate. That way, biogas plants will become more profitable and digestate management easier. Those new fertilizers will be more ecologically friendly, as they will replace mineral fertilizers with nutrients that come from organic waste.