A Life Cycle Analysis has been conducted to compare the production of fertilizers using the WAVALUE PROCESS from digestate, with the production of conventional mineral fertilizers. 1000 kg Wavalue fertilizer 800 kg Conventional Mineral fertilizer 12-12-12 with 17% organics 15-15-15 The results indicate that the WAVALUE fertilizer from digestate has less than 50% of the global warming impact than the […]

The materials that are being used to produce granular fertilizers are: solid fraction of digestate, liquid ammonium sulphate from ammonia stripping process (a product of nitrogen recovery from digestate), struvite (a product of phosphorus recovery from digestate), mineral fertilizers and other organic wastes. The fertilizer products that have been developed and produced until now are: % of N-P2O5-K2O % of […]